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VP Pence shoots off mic-drop moment tweet on Dem Chris Murphy, sets off liberal rage

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President Trump may get all the credit, but Vice President Mike Pence knows how to work the Twitter too, as evidenced by his epic Monday take-down of Connecticut Senator Christopher Murphy.

In response to Pence tweeting this video in which he stated his support for the GOP health care bill now being debated in the Senate…

… Senator Murphy tweeted:

Pence didn’t respond to Murphy until Monday, but it was worth the wait.

Delta has the nerve to respond to Ann Coulter’s angry tweetstorm with a scolding. Her response …

“You mean like, ‘If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor’?” Pence tweeted, referring to former-President Obama’s promise in the midst of trying to pass the Affordable Care Act, right along with a Pinocchio emoji for effect.

Because as we all found out later, it was a lie.

Needless to say, Pence’s mic-drop tweet was the source of much social media buzz:

And yes, plenty of rage from the left:

Stay classy, Sean.

As if healthcare in America hasn’t gotten progressively worse since Obamacare.

Um, no Matthew. Cutting the rate of growth isn’t “cutting” anything, and if it staves off insolvency then yes, it has “strengthened” it.

Heartbroken fiancé desperate for answers, why were the body cams off when Somali cop shot homeowner

Yep, this is what passes for an “argument” from the Left these days, but isn’t that pretty much what we expect by now?

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