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‘Outnumbered’ host’s rebuttal leaves Dem strategist speechless and shrugging

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Democratic Strategist and Fox News Contributor Jessica Tarlov wants President Trump to get off Twitter and was quite adamant about it during a Monday appearance on Fox News’ Outnumbered, but co-panelist Melissa Francis’ rebuttal was so perfect that it resulted in an off-camera “drop the mic!” from a fellow panelist.

“The American public would also like the President of the United States of America to get off his Twitter account,” Tarlov stated, as if she were the arbiter of all things American public.

After some discussion about polling, Tarlov criticized Trump’s Monday tweet about his son, insisting the president gets “distracted and focused on little things that shouldn’t matter.”

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Setting aside the fact that, indeed, the Donald Trump Jr. meeting and the constant ‘Russia! Russia! Russia!’ hysteria actually SHOULDN’T matter and wouldn’t were it not for the constant media-infused Democratic drumbeat, Francis dived right into why Trump is successful on Twitter:

“I totally disagree,” Francis said. “That’s how he keeps his people following him … everybody who’s successful on social media has a very specific crowd following them. They understand the psychology of the people following them and they feed them every day. He is great at feeding Twitter and keeping his people following him. Everybody that doesn’t like him hates his Twitter account. That’s how that works when you’re really popular and popular on social media.”

Speechless, Tarlov shrugged as another panelist said “drop the mic” off camera.

Watch the video below, courtesy of Fox News:

[wpvideo v4PY7F0S]

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