Unforgettable moment Wimbledon players challenge chubby heckler to play, make him wear white skirt


In what may or may not have been a PR stunt, Belgian tennis great Kim Clijsters called out an overweight heckler at Wimbledon Friday to see if he could do a better job than she during a doubles match.

While Clijsters and Australian teammate Rennae Stubbs were discussing where to serve the ball next, court-side attendee and Irish fan Chris Quinn began shouting out suggestions in their match against Conchita Martinez and Andrea Jaeger.

They were tied at 4-4 in the second set, and while the two were discussing placement of former world number-one Clijsters’s next serve should be “wide or down the middle”, Quinn shouted for her to send it “to the body.”


Instead of ignoring the impromptu coaching, the tennis great invited the heckler to have a go at it himself. But in order to stay within Wimbledon’s rules, the tubby taunter had to don regulation apparel — a white skirt and top, a spare set belonging to Clijsters that she removed from her bag.

The size differences couldn’t have been more apparent, adding to the hilarity.

“This isn’t going to work,” the commentator said. “They’re not going to get over the knees. Oh, my goodness!, I really hope we don’t get a camera shot from behind!”


When Quinn finally struggled his way into the skirt, Clijsters collapsed onto the grass court in a fit of laughter.

When things got underway, Quinn actually managed to return the Belgian star’s first serve. His luck — and that’s what it was — didn’t hold, however. He botched the next two.

“That’s a man, in a skirt, trying to return Kim Clijsters serve — it’s 2017 people,” the commentator said. “They’ve completely forgotten there is a tennis match going here.”

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Afterward, Quinn thanked Clijsters for the opportunity — and for taking it easy on him.

Whether real or stunt, the onlookers loved it — beginning with the U.S. Open, which may have felt a pang of remorse that no one would see anything similar in its own venue.

When the fun was over Clijsters and Stubbs went on to wallop their opponents, 6-2, 7-5.


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