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Journalist sues President Trump for blocking her on Twitter – here’s how that’s going over …

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Does a journalist’s right to “free speech” include the right NOT to be blocked by President Trump on Twitter?

Because that’s what this journalist is alleging…

In a real live lawsuit…

For real…

“On Twitter, the bulk of my recent follower growth and new relationships with others in the politico-legal sphere have come out of responding quickly when the president tweets and engaging the threads of conversation that flow from those tweets,” writes journalist Rebecca Buckwalter-Poza in her Fortune piece. “So when President Donald Trump blocked me in June, apparently for suggesting that Russia influenced the outcome of the 2016 election, he harmed me professionally.”

What’s next, a lawsuit because you aren’t allowed in White House press briefings?

Buckwalter-Poza laments:

Gone now is my ability to participate in the timeliest and most robust conversations around law, policy, and politics on Twitter—those around the president’s tweets. Taking part in these exchanges was an ideal way to stay current on not just facts, but new ideas. These threads make up the marketplace of ideas in which my peers and potential employers, colleagues, and audience are present and participating. I’ve been forced out and have no meaningful way to rejoin them.

And finishes with a nod to “free speech,” as if President Trump’s exclusion of her from his personal Twitter account is somehow abridging that: “It never occurred to me that I’d end up in court. I can’t say I’m glad I have, but I am proud to stand up for the right to free speech, which is essential to not only to individual people—and entire professions—but democracy.”

Eloquent, if illogical. And it’s the illogical part that’s getting Buckwalter-Poza hammered on Twitter:






Interestingly, it looks as if the suing party isn’t quite as Twitter-incompetent as she lets on…

So no…

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