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CNN’s Kirsten Powers goes all PC-police on GIF creator’s anonymity, gets ripped to shreds on Twitter

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In the debate over whether or not CNN should have blackmailed a private citizen for creating that famous World Wrestling Entertainment meme that President Trump shared, CNN Political Analyst Kirsten Powers is firmly on the side of the PC-enforcers.

Because racism, and misogyny, and homophobia – oh my!


PJ Media Editor Liz Sheld pushed back…


To which Powers responded:

Tucker calls out Maxine Waters for her lavish lifestyle in ‘segregated’ neighborhood


Oh please, define “racism” and “misogyny” for us, Kirsten, because everyone seems to have a different definition these days, especially you Leftists who call everyone to the right of Lindsey Graham both slurs.

And don’t lecture Ms. Powers on free speech because, like, she wrote a freaking book about it…


Powers also stated that her network was “restrained” because SHE “would have released his name and picture.”


So naturally, the CNN employee found herself in hot water with lots of normal people…

And finally, where the rubber really meets the road…

Charles Payne suspended from Fox amid sexual harassment charges; accuser claims coerced affair

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