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New poll shows majority of Dems largely un-American

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A new poll showing a large partisan gap in how Americans view the country prompted a question on whether the left is actually making us un-American.

A Fox News Poll released last week showed only 51 percent of those surveyed were proud of the country today while 45 percent said they were not. When the results were seen in context of party affiliation, there was, as Fox News’ Tucker Carlson noted, an enormous “chasm” evident.

While 64 percent of those responding in the poll who were proud of the country were Republicans, only 39 percent of Democrats said they were proud of the United States.

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer acknowledged that President Trump may be seen as responsible for some of the sentiments represented in the poll. However, he pinned the large share of the blame on the U.S. education system.

American students are being taught “about all of the pathologies of the United States and very little of the glories,” Krauthammer told Carlson on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Monday.

“It’s really abnormal, anti-American and destructive,” he said.

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He noted that the lack of pride shown in the poll results can be traced back to the counter-cultural left in the 1960s.

“They weren’t just out there rioting and sitting in, they went into the professions – the teaching professions, and they’ve essentially taken over,” Krauthammer said. “That generation of radicals runs the universities, they run the teachers’ unions, they run the curricula.”

He recalled being part of the curriculum committee at his son’s school where he had to “fight like crazy” to get European history to be incorporated into the studies.

“I was called Euro-centric,” Krauthammer told Carlson. “My son could practically speak Inca by the time he got to eighth grade but he didn’t know a damn thing about France or Britain.”

This prejudice has seeped through the educational system and resulted in the anti-American sentiments seen today, he noted.

“In the end what brings civilizations down is when the elites lose confidence in the rightness of their cause,” Krauthammer said, adding that the problem is too far along, but can be righted.

“We need a new generation of teachers who are not committed to this patho-history, history of the sins of our ancestors,” he explained.

“Look, every civilization is founded on sins, every single one,” Krauthammer concluded. “Dispossession, violence, appropriation. What distinguishes civilizations are the ones who rise above it.”

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