Jenna Jameson gives CNN’s Brian Stelter a sassy new nickname

July is starting out as the month for conservatives to make jokes at the left’s expense — and liberals not being able to accept them.

The latest example is former adult actress Jenna Jameson‘s appraisal of CNN’s Brian Stelter as less-than-manly. This was in answer to his assessment of President Trump‘s portrayal of the president taking down the cable news giant in a wrestling match.

Stelter, who hosts CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” wondered if Trump’s joke, which he called “hateful conduct,” violated Twitter’s terms of use.

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Really? Can’t take a joke? Jameson shot back:

Boom! Jameson’s tweet got plenty of approval on social media.

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CNN versus Trump is no contest, one suggested:

And speaking of “lady-parts,” wasn’t that one of Hillary Clinton’s main selling points — that it was time to elect a female president?

One even thought Trump’s tweets were a service to the mainstream media and the left.

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A few, however, disagreed.

No sense of humor seems to be a hallmark of the left. Sen. Elizabeth Warren returned her Republican challenger’s birthday gift to genetically test her native American ancestry.

The president and first lady get the humor if CNN and others don’t.

Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends Weekend” invited viewers to come up with their own nicknames for their primary cable news competitor. “Walking vagina” wasn’t apparently among the suggestions.


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