Judge Pirro asks Kellyanne Conway about Trump getting ‘crazy with Twitter’

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro threw a bit of cold water on President Trump‘s well-received speech Saturday night when she confronted White House counselor Kellyanne Conway on his often controversial tweets.

“The president at this point has, I think, made it clear what his strengths are and he needs to stay focused on speeches like this, and not get crazy on Twitter,” Pirro observed on “Justice” after Conway ran down a partial list of the issues Trump addressed that evening.

Conway dismissed the tweets as merely another tool to reach the American people.

“I love that he connects directly with people on social media and otherwise, Jeanine,” Conway said, before she once again launched into what truly mattered — the president’s message at the Kennedy Center earlier that night, which kicked off Independence Day weekend by honoring America’s veterans.

“We just appreciate that you’re covering the substance because all the things he talked about tonight, he did mention the press,” she told Pirro. “But most importantly he mentioned all of the promises he’s keeping on the Supreme Court, on judicial restraint, on veterans. You’re one of the few shows, few networks, that even bothers to connect veterans with the information they need and deserve.”

Rev. Jetty Falwell Jr. told Pirro, who’s normally one of Trump’s biggest fans, that he actually appreciates the president hitting back at his critics on Twitter.

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Trump’s address, which kicked off Independence Day weekend, primarily honored veterans, and he called America a “land rich with heroes” because of her men and women who served in uniform.

Trump also reiterated his commitment to defending religious liberty, and used a line from the Pledge of Allegiance, referring to America as “one nation under God.”

He reminded the audience and viewers that “We are all made by the same Almighty God,” and promised that “As long as I am President, no one is going to stop you from practicing your faith or from preaching what is in your heart.”

“In America, we don’t worship government,” he said, “we worship God,”seeming to take a shot at big government-loving liberals when speaking on religious freedom.

He said he remained fully committed to his campaign promises — including building a wall at the southern border.

He closed by saying, “Have a wonderful Independence Day! God bless you! God bless our nation’s veterans! God bless the United States of America!”

A few ill-advised tweets pale in comparison to his message Saturday night.

Here’s Trump’s address in its entirety.

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