Roseanne Barr blasts ‘Dyke March’ for psychosis-laced anti-semitism

Actress and comedian Roseanne Barr isn’t holding anything back lately, especially when it comes to countering looney leftists. So when Chicago’s annual gay pride parade, otherwise known as the Chicago Dyke March, banned three participants for carrying Jewish Pride flags, Roseanne was quick to point out the hypocrisy of the supposedly ‘inclusive’ organizers.


That’s right. It’s 2017 and organizers of an event called a “Dyke March” won’t allow anything in their “space” that expresses support for the state of Israel, the only pro-gay country in the Middle East, because people were feeling “threatened.”

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As we say in the South, how ’bout them apples?

Because a Star of David over a rainbow flag means you want to slaughter millions of Palestinians, or something. And really, were there any practicing Muslims at this Dyke March anyway? Because if so, there might be trouble ahead for them…

Apparently so. Otherwise one of this age’s greatest paradoxes wouldn’t exist…

And stupid, but that’s a whole other deal. But back to Roseanne, because she wasn’t finished.

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Yeah, maybe there is something to this Pink Swastika stuff after all!

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