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Read the passage that shows SCOTUS is ‘wise to how liberal activist groups operate’ – cuts them off at pass

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The Supreme Court is heading left-wing immigration activist groups off at the pass.

The high court unanimously agreed to hear the Trump administration’s appeal of its travel ban order, and in also lifted most of the restrictions the lower courts placed on the order.

Lawyer and National Review columnist Dan McLaughlin noticed something significant the jurists placed in its order, and highlighted the relevant passage in his tweet.

In other words, in carving out exceptions to the travel ban the court recognized that some classes of foreign nationals should be afforded special consideration for entry into the country.

However, membership into one of those classes cannot be made out of whole cloth. The foreigner’s relationship to the United States must be genuine and not fabricated by some liberal pro-immigration group.

Conservatives applauded the Supreme Court’s foresight — and wisdom.

And what groups may be affected by the order? Here’s a partial list.

But not everyone was happy with the court’s order.

And how’d that work out for them?

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