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Ari Fleischer burns liberal healthcare narrative to the ground in 5 simple tweets

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When it comes to manipulating public sentiment, sometimes it’s all about how an issue is framed. Cut a government health program, and when granny or the good people who clean your hotel room get sick they might end up getting kicked to the curb instead of getting taxpayer-funded treatment.

They might … die!

So when Democrats talk about ‘cruel’ Republican-orchestrated ‘cuts,’ chaos and death are what they want you to think about, not the facts that former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer laid out Sunday evening in this series of brilliant tweets:

Melania, Ivanka and gorgeous bride stun at ‘White House wedding’ officiated by Vice President Pence

Fleischer then added several follow-ups to his original tweet:

Of course, it’s awfully tough to argue with Fleischer’s logic here, but if anyone can argue with indisputable logic it’s Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald. Check out this gem:

Bad day for Maxine Waters! Black pro-Trump woman explodes on her, crowd boos as she leaves townhall

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