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‘They didn’t want to hurt Hillary?’ Trump asks ‘WHY’ Obama did nothing to stop Russian interference

President Trump asked over the weekend whether investigators should focus on the Obama administration

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President Donald Trump said the focus on his campaign when it comes to Russian interference with the 2016 presidential election is misplaced. Investigators should instead concentrate their efforts on the previous administration’s lack of response.

The president observed Friday that the Barack Obama administration knew as early as August of 2016 that Russian President Vladimir Putin was attempting to skewer the election in favor of Trump – but did nothing about it.

The Washington Post reported that same day that the Obama administration refused to act on the information until two months later, when it announced the allegations of interference to the public. Then Obama waited an additional two months — one month after the election — to introduce sanctions on the Russian government.

This prompted Trump Saturday to wonder why the Obama chose to delay acting on the information — didn’t he want Clinton to win?

The president sent a followup tweet Saturday in which he made clear where investigators should focus their efforts — on the Obama administration, not the Trump campaign.

Claims that the Trump campaign colluded with Russian officials to fix the election have plagued the administration from the beginning. Although the FBI, the House and the Senate have all launched separate investigations into the issue, no such collusion has been found.

Time to move on — or refocus on the Obama administration.

The Obama administration’s inaction on the information was also dioscussec on Fox News Channel.

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