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Normally reserved Sen. Grassley drops bomb when he outs 2 Dems as liars on Senate floor

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He’d heard enough lies and brought them out into the sunlight to disinfect.

After listening to the sniping by senior Democratic lawmakers directed at President Donald Trump to media outlets, Sen. Chuck Grassley called out two of them as liars by name on the Senate floor.

The normally gentlemanly Iowa Republican observed that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Intelligence Committee ranking Democrat Adam Schiff have persisted in claims that Trump was under investigation.

Grassley disclosed, however, that both, as members of the National Intelligence Oversight “Gang of Eight” was fully aware that the president was not under investigation.

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Congressional “Gang of Eight” on Intelligence Oversight

“The minority leader even tried to say the Senate shouldn’t vote on the Supreme Court nomination because the president was under investigation,” Grassley said. “And the whole time he knew it wasn’t true.”

His remarks were mainly directed against former FBI Director James Comey for his failure to inform the public that there was no Trump investigation.

Comey’s failure to do so gave Democratic leaders an opportunity to say anything they wanted on the subject — and they did.

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Social media wenbt wild at this revelation.

‘I’ll be damned!’ Trey Gowdy FURIOUS closed-door Intel testimony leaked, says only 8 people in the room

Rep. Trey Gowdy told CNN’s Erin Burnett Thursday night that information that was leaked to the press from a closed-door hearing didn’t come from him, and more-than-likely didn’t come from Schiff.

In light of Grassley’s revelations, he may want to rethink his Schiff appraisal — and keep a closer eye on him as well.


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