Good-humored Ivanka Trump and Marco Rubio have a blast with infamous hug photo that blew up the net

When she arrived on Capitol Hill Tuesday to discuss her ideas for paid family leave and childcare tax credits with lawmakers, First Daughter Ivanka Trump was greeted by the session’s informal emcee, Senator Marco Rubio.

They hugged, sort of…

We know, the picture IS a bit cringeworthy, but to be fair it’s only a snapshot of what happened. Maybe the actual hug was better … or maybe not, but the main thing is that the Trump family and the Rubio family seem to be getting along swimmingly, awkward hugs aside.

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The picture inspired quite the series of snarky remarks on Twitter…

Rubio himself couldn’t help but respond to the ‘uproar,’ and he made quite the funny deal out of it.

Finally, Rubio’s ‘investigation’ conclusion:

It’s certainly good to happily conclude any investigation, but this one was arguably at least as important as the silly Russia nonsense they’re trying to pin on President Trump!

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Finally, as ‘HugGate’ comes to a close, Ivanka herself got in on the fun with the perfect grand finale:

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