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‘California is not a country’: Tucker takes on entitled immigrant who loves that illegals are preferred over US citizens

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Students who are in the country illegally get preferential treatment at the University of California system of schools as compared to out-of-state students who are here legally.

And they pay in-state tuition to boot.

The schools have capped out-of-state students at 18 percent of the total student body — there’s no similar cap on illegals who are currently living in the state.

Former undocumented immigrant Julissa Arce saw nothing wrong with this, and told Fox News host Tucker Carlson that the ruling is meant to benefit California residents.

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Carlson observed that other states cap the total number out-of-state students, but that California has taken that a step further.

“You still have a system where U.S. citizens are capped, but illegal aliens are not,” he said.

When Arce claimed that California is merely giving preference to that state’s residents — legal or illegal — the Fox News host said that the effect is to give illegals preference over legal citizens.

“California is not a country, it’s a state, it’s one of 50 of those,” he said, and added that she carefully worded her arguments to call the illegals “residents” and not “citizens.”

“People that are illegal in one state are illegal in all states [they reside in] because they’re not U.S. citizens,” he told her.

“Isn’t that why we have government” he asked her, “to look out for their citizens?”

Carlson said that while there’s nothing inherently bad about a non-citizen, “he’s not number-one on the priority list.”

He asked if she could “give another example on planet Earth where government would put the needs of a non-citizen before a citizen.”

Clip via Fox News Channel

Without surprise, people sided with Carlson on the issue, and brought up other problems California has created for itself because of its open border sanctuary policies.

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