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Dramatic video sheds light on moment ‘mentally ill’ black woman was fatally shot by Seattle police

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Newly released recordings are helping to shed light on what led to the fatal shooting of a pregnant black woman by two white officers.

Outrage erupted across social media when news Charleena Chavon Lyles, a mentally ill (according to family members) pregnant mother-of-four, was killed in her apartment by Seattle officers on Sunday.

The officers were responding to a call made by Lyles who said she had been robbed.

Seattle officers cautiously approach Lyles’ apartment.

As the officers were in route to Lyle’s apartment, the two can be heard discussing a recent incident where Lyles had attacked responding police officers with scissors.

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“She let them in, then she started talking all crazy about how the officers weren’t going to leave,” an officer can be heard on the recording relaying the incident.

“She was the one making all these weird statements about how her and her daughter were going to turn into wolves,” he went on.

Below is audio of the incident (video footage can be seen further down).

“She just took a turn, so…” the officer said expressing concern about having to confront the woman again.

“She was fine at first, but then when we were inside with her, she had a giant pair of scissors and wouldn’t put them down.”

Video shows the officers approach Lyles’ apartment, walk in and collect information about the alleged robbery.

It doesn’t take long for the situation to take a dramatic turn for the worse.

“Get back!” an officer repeatedly yells.

“I don’t have a Taser” and “we need help” another officer can be heard saying before shots are fired.

Tragically, there are voices of Lyles’ young children heard in the background as well.

(AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

The Seattle Police Department released a statement after the incident saying the Lyles was brandishing a knife, but that claim in not confirmed from the recordings. Both officers are on paid leave as the situation is investigated.

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The shooting sparked outrage by those who felt the officers didn’t need to shoot Lyles. The ultra-liberal Seattle Times came under fire for its headline that read: “Armed woman fatally shot after calling police had mental-issues, family says.”



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