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Marco Rubio is coming around? ‘This whole relationship thing is overblown’

Screenshot of FBN’s Maria Bartiromo and Sen. Marco Rubio: What changed between you and President Trump?

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They sniped at one another during the Republican presidential primary. Rubio was called “little Marco” and Trump had “little hands” — among little other things.

But when Sen. Marco Rubio welcomed President Donald Trump to Miami to give an address announcing a pullback of former President Obama’s normalization of relations with Cuba’s brutal Castro regime, the two were like long-lost buddies.

Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo wanted to know why at about the 2:05 mark into the interview.

“This whole relationship thing is overblown,” the Florida Republican said on Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures.”

“He was a competitor of mine out of 17 people who ran for president.”

Rubio said what went on between the two was typical for any competition.

“It’s like asking two boxers, ‘Are you mad that he punched you in the face in the ring, and is he mad that you punched him back?'”

Once the competition is over, that’s the end of it, he explained.

“Of course I want the president to be successful,” he added. “And in this particular case, the president was keeping a campaign commitment he made in my state — in my community.”

And Miami’s Cuban-American community welcomed the news, shouting “USA! USA!”

Clip via Fox News Channel

Rubio’s logic met with approval for the most part.

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Now if we could only get the Democrats to turn the rhetoric down, maybe the two parties could work together to actually accomplish something — like Democratic House Speaker Tip O’Neill did with President Ronald Reagan.

But if anything they’re doing the opposite. The most recent example came Friday from Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

“Donald, you ain’t seen nasty yet!” the Massachusetts Democrat said.

Apparently acting like adults is asking a bit too much in today’s political climate.


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