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‘Last Man Standing’ already making a comeback? ‘Early talks’ with new network underway

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Fans of the recently cancelled ABC series “Last Man Standing” received a glimmer of hope on Thursday when a source in the know told Fox News that CMT (Country Music Television) is in the “very early stages” of discussions to potentially become the new network for the popular series.

The “early talks” still feel “like a long shot,” according to the source, but the fact that the network is considering it could bode well considering CMT is already running syndicated reruns of the Tim Allen show.

Another good sign could be CMT’s rescue of another ABC-cancelled popular show, “Nashville,” which was picked up a month after it was cancelled in May 2016.

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“Last Man Standing” became popular among conservatives not because it’s a “conservative show” per se, but simply because the show, through its lead character played by Tim Allen, gave a fair shake to conservative viewpoints. Allen’s character, Mike Baxter, may not have won every argument or ended every show in the right, but neither did the writers portray him as an evil person or a bumbling boob. In fact, quite the opposite – Allen’s Mike Baxter was a strong, loving, and competent father who, despite his faults and humanity, was clearly loved and respected by those around him.

And therein lied the rub, because the argument that Hollywood can’t stand even a mildly positive portrayal of conservatism in the “mainstream” of network television was bolstered by ABC’s abrupt cancellation of the otherwise successful series.

20th Century Fox Television, the show’s producer, has been actively looking for a home for the show since its cancellation. Here’s to hoping CMT continues to serve what is and would arguably be their audience already if they pick up the show.

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After all, conservatives spend money too!

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