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Horrifying moment drugged-up ‘zombie’ tries to take a BITE out of cop; Tasers barely take him down!

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Lexington, Kentucky first responders discovered that there’s nothing serene about serenity, the street name for a synthetic marijuana.

Police officers responded to the report of a disturbance at a local gas station, where they found four individuals who had overdosed on the drug. One had put his head through a business window, according to local CBS affiliate WKYT.

The man who shattered the window with his head also tried to bite one of the officers — after he’d been tasered. He had to be tasered a second time to bring him under control enough to arrest him.

“Sometimes force has to be used to take them into custody, if they are combating against us. You know, we try to make that the last line of activity for that situation but sometimes force will have to be used,” Lexington Police Sergeant Jervis Middleton told WKYT.

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“Get off me! Get off me!” one of the officers can heard heard yelling in the video below when the drugged up man tries to bite him.

Because officers were unable to revive the three other individuals with narcan, they believe they’d overdosed on serenity.

“Narcan doesn’t work on serenity. Narcan is designed for opioids and serenity works in another set of receptors in the brain,” Lexington Fire Department Battalion Chief Joe Best said.

The station reported:

Police took all four people to a local hospital for an evaluation. They said two people could be charged for assaulting officer.

Police say the homeless population as well as juveniles are often targeted by dealers because serenity is easy to get and cheap.


“We’ve been having to respond to them being passed out, lethargic, hallucinating- the whole gamut of what comes with overdosing,” Sgt. Middleton said.

Clip via WKYT

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