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‘Pity granted!’ Cops loved motorist’s note so much, they let him off with a warning

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When responsibility butts heads with the letter of the law, try pity.

A Wausau, Wisconsin police officer sympathized with a motorist who decided that walking was the better and “safe choice,” which should have resulted in a parking ticket.

Although he may have had a wee too much to drink that evening, he was clear-thinking enough to leave a “pity” note.

“Please take pity on me,” the note said. “I walked home … safe choices. =)”

Did it work? You betcha! “Pity Granted, Just A Warning,” the department posted to its Facebook page.

“Parking Control Officer Jim Hellrood can appreciate people making safe choices, and a good sense of humor. That’s why he recently issued a warning to a vehicle left in a metered lot overnight. Thanks to this resident for sharing!”

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And just as much as Hellrood appreciated the driver’s honesty, the public appreciated the officer’s sympathy.

Judy Werner wrote, “absolutely awesome… thank you officer for acknowledging a safe choice.”

And Facebook user Maria Behar called for Hellrood clones. “Wish we had more police officers like you!!” she wrote. “this person did the right thing by not getting behind the wheel in an inebriated condition. And you, Officer Hellrood, did the right thing by extending compassion!! KUDOS!! WAY TO GO, MAN!!!!! GOD BLESS!!!”

New Yorker Du’Ane Johnson seconded Behar’s wish. “N.Y.P.D. take note,” he said. The applause extended to Twitter.

And motorists should take note of it also — just don’t make a habit of it. Here’s the department’s Facebook post.

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