Trump floats solar panel option for Mexican border wall; will Al Gore get on board?

President Donald Trump suggested placing solar panels at the border wall “so it pays for itself,” according to a recent report.

The president advanced the idea at a meeting he held with Republican lawmakers Tuesday, two who were in attendance told The Wall Street Journal.

And the suggestion met with some approval.

“I think it’s innovative,” House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California told the paper. “To authorize it and to appropriate it wouldn’t cost as much.”

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“He’s been looking at a lot of options and this is a new option that he’s been looking at that sounds like its got real promise,” House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., said.

The use of solar panels could have the added advantage of quelling the uproar over the president’s decision to walk away from the Paris climate accord, which left the world’s biggest polluters off the hook while saddling the United States with the burden.

Fox News reported:

Trump’s wall hopes to deter the influx of illegal immigration and drug smuggling. Trump had also promised that Mexico would pay for the wall. But after receiving strong pushback from Mexican officials, Trump suggested the U.S. would pay for it upfront and Mexico would pay later.

As of now, Congress has not allocated any money for the construction of the border wall. Cost estimates range past $20 billion, but the White House had been seeking $1.4 billion as a down payment in the recently passed spending bill in order to start the process. Strong pushback from Congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle has left the wall’s future in doubt.


The building of a wall at the Southern border became a centerpiece of Trump’s campaign, and he said he may revisit funding for the wall sometime in September.

The suggestion also met with approval on social media.

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Then there was this prediction:

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I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one.


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