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Unprecedented disrespect: NBC censors Trump tweet on London incident that mentions ‘terror attack’

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In what may be an unprecedented act of disrespect, NBC Nightly News all but censored President Donald Trump in the immediate aftermath of Saturday’s terrorist attack in London.

…treating  the commander-in-chief as little more than an “unconfirmed” source.

NBC News was providing a running update on the attack on its Twitter feed, but took the extraordinary step of discounting a retweet by Trump.

The tweet in question was from Drudge Report and stated: “Fears of new terror attack after van ‘mows down 20 people’ on London Bridge…”


Shortly after the NBC News tweet besmirching Trump, The Associate Press reported:

As facts would bear out, there were an estimated 100 people on the bridge when three men drove a van into the crowd before leaping out and stabbing a number of others in nearby bars and restaurants — in all, seven people died and 48 were injured, according to CNN.

So why the censorship, other than the tweet mentioning the phrase “terror attack?”

A second tweet by the president just before the NBC reaction featured a renewed call for a proposed travel ban from the seven Muslim-majority countries that have few, if any control over who is traveling. NBC did make reference to this tweet.


Social media users did not appreciate the network’s disrespect for Trump, with one user reminding them that Brian Williams is still employed there!

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:




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