Pastor Joel Osteen and his wife accused of throwing signs to Satan in grad photo … yes, really

It seems that nothing is sacred and everything is evil, according to the left.

Photos of the proud parents of a University of Texas graduate went viral because they displayed the popular and well-known “Hook ‘Em Horns” sign depicting the school mascot — the Texas Longhorns.

Screenshot of “hook ’em Horns” hand sign of Texas Longhorns

But because UT graduate Jonathan Osteen’s parents happen to be megachurch pastor Joel Osteen and his wife Victoria, the gesture took on a darker significance — the sign of Satan. Really?

The reverend tweeted this photo of his pride for his son’s accomplishment.

Shortly after that, Victoria Osteen got into the spirit of the moment, by also displaying her school spirit.

It wasn’t long before someone on social media predicted others would take the hand gesture completely wrong.

And of course that prediction proved to be spot-on.

Why would they do that? Wait for it … wait for it — here it comes!

Even when proud Texans patiently explained the gesture’s meaning, some clearly weren’t buying it.

The “Hook ‘Em Horns” sign was originated decades ago by Harley Clark, who was then a University of Texas cheerleader. He explain in this 2013 interview what led to its inception.

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