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Not convinced that GOOGLE has a liberal bias? Search for Roger Ailes and you’ll see this…

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Why should the search engine giant be any different than most media outlets?

In light of results obtained from Internet searches made of the late Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, the editors at Heat Street are asking if Google has a tendency to lean to the left.

Although Ailes was one of the most influential figures in media and politics and was loved by most of those who met him or worked for him, you wouldn’t necessarily know that if researching the man on the Internet using Google as your primary tool.

But rather than following every parent’s advice to never speak ill of the dead, top Google search results appear more concerned with the salacious allegations — none of which have been proven — that led to Ailes’ ouster from Fox News.

Heat Street reported:

The top results on “Roger Ailes” include a piece by leftist activist Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone declaring Ailes “one of the worst Americans ever,” an article by NBC’s Joy Reid on Time stating that Ailes “built a kingdom on exploited bias,” and a Bret Stephens op-ed in the New York Times, that calls him “the man who wrecked conservatism.” An op-ed on The Guardian by Arwa Mahdawi condemning Ailes for helping to “create this nightmare world” shows up alongside the other articles savaging him, way above obituaries or any neutral pieces about the man.


Screenshot of Google results for Roger Ailes, via Heat Street

On the other hand factual pieces devoid of commentary such as one printed by The New York Times shortly after his death that describe his incredible life were buried deep at the bottom of the search result list.

A more recent Google search would emphasize Ailes 17-year-old son Zachary’s promise to avenge his father’s accusers.

People on social media submitted other examples.

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