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Video: Owner runs over thief caught fleeing his home… then rams into the getaway vehicle

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Dramatic video footage captured the harrowing moments a homeowner caught burglars in the act and tried to run them over.

A Paraguay man gave robbers more than they bargained for when he returned home to find them in the process of making off with this personal belongings, the Daily Mail reported.

Surveillance video showed Milciades Rodolfo Paiva Moria pulling up to his driveway where another person, believed to be his cleaner, waited outside by a scooter. As the 32 year-old pulled into his home in Ciudad del Este, two alleged burglars emerged from inside and immediately tried to make a run for their getaway vehicle.

But this homeowner was not simply going to watch them escape.

Moria aimed his Toyota Hilux at them like a weapon and drove straight at the pair, slamming one to the floor.

Apparently not sustaining any serious injuries, the suspect jumped up and took off after his accomplice, attempting to get to their rented Kia Picanto parked nearby.

But, as video showed, Moria followed them to the street, then plowed into the back of their car, causing the window to shatter.

The damaged vehicle only drove a short distance before breaking down, the Mail reported. The alleged robbers then got away on foot.

Warrants were issued for the arrest of the two Chilean men, identified by police as Juan Pablo Sánchez Santander and Alejandro Andrés Fernández Pérez.

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