Walmart shoplifter’s face meets pavement in mad dash out of store with loot … karma caught on camera!

Surveillance video at a Canadian Walmart showed a shoplifter demonstrating exactly how NOT to stage a getaway.

Video from a Fergus, Ontario Walmart captured a woman running out of the store allegedly attempting to make off with unpaid for merchandise, according to CBC News.

The woman can be seen running into the parking lot pushing the shopping cart before clumsily falling in an epic face-plant caught on video. A store employee caught up with alleged shoplifter a moment later but she ran off, empty-handed.

According to CBC News:

Wellington County OPP said the woman was caught on surveillance footage trying to make off with a shopping cart with $651.55 worth of stolen items on April 26. In the footage, she’s seen in the parking lot when she falls down, then runs away.

Staff at the store told police they recognized the woman from a theft days before, where a suspect with a similar description took more than $2,400 of product from the Walmart.


Police are reportedly still searching for the woman, described as “a white female between the ages of 40 and 50 years old with long black hair.” It was also reported that in both incidents, there were accomplices to the crimes as the woman was assisted by two men and three women.

Hosts of Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends” reacted to the video of the shoplifter’s hilarious fall and Twitter users found the clip just as entertaining.

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