It only took one tweet for ‘Angry Frank’ to lose Twitter fight with Dana Loesch over Miss USA

TheBlaze host Dana Loesch is a big fan of Kara McCullough, and it isn’t because the newly-crowned Miss USA winner is just another pretty face.

It’s because it takes a lot of bravery, not to mention smarts, to take even remotely conservative positions on healthcare and feminism on a stage likely viewed by more people who disagree than would agree.

Appearing with Fox Business host Charles Payne on Monday, Loesch had some words of encouragement for McCullough and some insight into the motivations of all the haters out there.

“I loved her response and I thought that she was a fantastic choice for Miss USA. I know that she’s getting a lot of hate the day after. I imagine that some of it is driven by jealousy. But here you have an example of a gorgeous, smart, strong woman who gives her unvarnished, politically-incorrect opinion, and God bless her for it,” said Loesch.

Which prompted this response from one ‘Angry Frank’ on Twitter:

Angry much, ‘Angry Frank?’ Not one to ever take something like this lying down, Loesch fired back the perfect response:

Not sure if ‘Angry Frank’ gets the irony or not, but plenty of others did.

And finally…

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Scott Morefield


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