Ohio gubernatorial candidate invents ‘unjust’ Trump war scenario to fear monger folks into votes

screenshot ohio governor candidate Connie Pillich trump
Ohio gubernatorial candidate Connie Pillich says Trump could start a war to distract the public from the Russia probe. (Image: screenshot)

Connie Pillich, a Democratic candidate for governor of Ohio, vowed to defy President Trump if he thrusts the United States into an “unjust war.”

The former Ohio state representative used the anti-Trump rhetoric to drum up support for her gubernatorial campaign in a crowded field that includes three other Democrats and four Republicans.

Pillich joins a growing chorus of disgruntled liberals demanding that a special prosecutor investigate possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia. So far, no concrete evidence has surfaced despite a year-long investigation.

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In a bizarre stretch, Pillich even went as far as to suggest that Trump would start a war simply to divert public attention away from the Russia investigation. She vowed that if she were elected governor, she would not send Ohio troops in to support the U.S. military efforts.

“Should President Trump act unilaterally and enter into an unjust war to cover-up and distract the American public, I as governor, will not allow the lives of Ohio National Guard troops to be sacrificed in such a conflict,” Pillich said in a statement.

“Absent an affirmative act of Congress supported by both Democrats and Republicans, I will exercise my authority as governor to declare a state of emergency. Thereby, as commander-in-chief of the Ohio National Guard, I will stop the deployment of those brave men and women from being used as part of a cover-up war.”

Connie Pillich followed up by doubling down on her inane remarks on Twitter.

The move to withhold state troops from supporting U.S. war efforts is unprecedented, and would likely end up in court. But Pillich insists she’s ready to face that legal battle, if it comes to that.

Pilich was roundly slammed on Twitter for her fear-mongering tactics to win votes. It’s unlikely to succeed, as numerous psychological studies have shown that scare tactics do not work in the long run.

Then, there’s this:

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