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‘Not yet’? Off camera CNN panelist heard comparing America under Trump admin to the Kremlin

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Jeffrey Lord is often treated unfairly because he is one of the only Trump supporters employed at CNN, and that was on full display again this week.

On Wednesday, Lord was asked by CNN host Anderson Cooper to explain president Trump’s reasoning for firing FBI Director James Comey. When Lord began to answer, he was immediately cut-off by the panel full of Democrats.

Lord was interrupted nearly the entire segment, primarily by leftist David Gregory.

Source: Video screengrab

Gregory asserted that Lord wasn’t allowed to hold differing opinions on the firing of James Comey because it was unethical for the president of the United States to fire the man responsible for overseeing the investigation into alleged collusion with the Russians.

Lord, assuming he would be given a fair chance to respond, said, “This is not the Kremlin – this is not the Kremlin.”

“Not yet,” one panelist said. It is unclear who made the comment given the camera was focused on Gregory ambushing Jeffrey Lord for giving his opinion, but many are adding they believe it was either Van Jones or Anderson Cooper.

If it happened to be Cooper, the timing of it would be right on cue given he rolled his eyes at Kellyanne Conway twice during the same interview earlier this week, further showcasing how blatantly disrespectful the network continues to act towards the president’s top counselor.

Sadly, this is just one of many examples of how CNN has assembled a team of anti-Trump “experts” and “analysts” aiming to obstruct anything and everything this president does or says.

Here’s the full clip:



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