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Who does it best? Hannity and Levin UNLOAD on ‘liberal crackpots’ and Dem conspiracy theories

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“Deranged liberal crackpots are at it again.”

That’s the first sentence uttered by conservative firebrand and Fox News host Sean Hannity on Wednesday night as he took aim at the faux outrage spewed by Democrats over James Comey being fired.

Hannity slammed the “tin foil conspiracy liberals” for their hypocritical reactions to the firing of James Comey:

“There is no getting through to these tin foil hat conspiracy liberals. On the left, they’re detached from reality. They’re oblivious to truth today. It’s time to diagnose them with what it is: Trump derangement syndrome. And sadly, there is not a cure. That’s the worst part. This will go on for four years, probably eight years.”

Just before Mark Levin appeared as a guest on the show, Hannity played several clips showing Democratic politicians calling for Comey to be fired, highlighting that they are only outraged now because president Trump did it instead of Barack Obama.

“This hypocrisy coming from the Democrats is off the charts even for their standards,” said Hannity.

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After Hannity eviscerated Democrats and exposed their hypocrisy, Levin took the baton and ran with it as he blasted several Senate Democrats.

“I find it fascinating that Democrats say, why did he act now?” Levin said.

“The same Democrats who have stonewalled the confirmation of almost all of the President’s cabinet selections, let alone his second-tier cabinet selection. Finally, this outstanding choice for Deputy Attorney General is confirmed two weeks ago. And then he looks at the situation and he says, this man needs to be removed. The answer is, the President followed the Constitution, and Chuck Schumer is undermining the Constitution.”

Which host do you think did a better job of torching Democrats?

Here’s the full clip of both Hannity and Levin delivering their remarks on the fake outrage from Democrats.

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