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CNN host tries to lecture Kellyanne Conway on ‘procedure’

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CNN host Chris Cuomo became a trending topic on Twitter nationwide after an interview with Kellyanne Conway on Wednesday caught some attention.

Conway began to explain to Cuomo that president Trump did not fire James Comey as Director of the FBI as a “cover-up” or to “derail the FBI’s investigation” into alleged connections to Russia.

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Highlighting that the administration lost faith in Comey’s ability to effectively do his job, Conway reminded the host that the president of the United States has the full authority to take the action that he did.

Cuomo insinuated that Attorney General Jeff Sessions helped Trump create a “list of reasons” to justify firing Comey to soften the political fallout that ensued afterwards.

“You always want to talk about Russia, Russia, Russia,” Conway fired back at Cuomo, pointing out that CNN continues to falsely report how the FBI typically conducts investigations.

Cuomo took another swing at the president by arguing Trump’s “pattern of changing his public opinions” on Comey was deeply concerning. Conway took issue with this and laid into the host for hurling another baseless claim.

“You’re connecting things that aren’t provable and things that have been reported in one or two places that haven’t been verified, because that’s what you guys do,” Conway charged.

Closing out the twenty minute interview, Cuomo asked Conway to explain the timing of Trump’s decision.

“It is unethical, it is arguably illegal for that to have happened once, let alone three times, and a lot of people who know James Comey can’t believe it would have ever happened. How do you explain that?”

“This whole thing is very simple — you’re trying to make it very complex,” Conway said. “This is a president who saw that the FBI director had lost the public confidence, the confidence of Republicans and Democrats. Pull up their tweets. Watch their interviews on CNN. They had big problems with Comey when it was expedient for them.”

Cuomo’s “tough guy” stance not only highlighted the extreme media bias against the Trump administration, but it illuminated how uneducated he is compared to Conway on policy and procedure.

Tim Graham, the Executive Editor of Newsbusters, called Cuomo’s performance “obnoxious,” adding that his “mansplaining” to Conway should bother Liberals.

Conway, unafraid to fight back, was applauded across social media for pushing back against Cuomo’s snarky tone and politically motivated questions aimed at making the administration look bad.

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