Harvard allows students to hold black-only commencement ceremony

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Black Harvard graduate students will hold their own “black-only” commencement ceremony later this month.

About 125 students will participate in the event to celebrate “black excellence and brilliance.” They will also walk in Harvard’s main graduation with the school’s entire student body. Next year, the black-only ceremony is expected to include black undergraduates as well, the College Fix reported.

Proponents dismissed criticism that the black-only commencement glorifies racial segregation. “This is not about segregation,” grad student Michael Huggins said. “It’s about fellowship and building a community.”

If white students did the same thing, there would undoubtedly be accusations of racism, riots, protests, and the ACLU would immediately file a discrimination lawsuit.

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There are 107 black colleges and universities across the United States.

Black students at Harvard graduate at a higher rate than the national average: 96% of black students at Harvard graduate within six years, compared to just 44% nationally.

Despite the strides blacks have made in higher education, they claim they still feel alienated on campus, even though other minority and foreign-born students excel despite language and cultural barriers.

In February 2019, black students at the University of Wisconsin at Madison made headlines after demanding free tuition and housing as slavery reparations.

Black activists forget that there are longstanding schemes in place to benefit African-Americans: Affirmative action (in school admissions and hiring) and social welfare programs.

According to a recent Princeton University study, blacks receive a “bonus” of 230 points when being considered for college admission.

This means that admissions officers are told to mentally add 230 points to a black applicant’s SAT scores when considering him for admission, to help make up for any social injustices that may have contributed to his lower test scores. So much for “equality.”

Twitter reacted to the black-only graduation at Harvard by noting how hypocritical and regressive it is.

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