Trey Gowdy has FBI chief Comey’s number; sheds light on his flawed testimony

Gowdy always brings things into perspective.

Rep. Trey Gowdy was asked to respond to inconsistencies in testimony offered by FBI Director James Comey — that he gave regarding Hillary Clinton’s emails versus that regarding President Donald Trump’s alleged Russian connections.

When Comey was asked at a Senate hearing why he reported that he was re-opening the Clinton email investigation, he said that the choice was to either conceal or speak, and that while speaking was bad, concealing would have been “catastrophic.”

Ranking House Intelligence Committee member Adam Schiff disagreed. The California Democrat responded:

When CNN “Situation Room” host Wolf Blitzer asked Gowdy about Comey’s alleged “double standard,” the South Carolina Republican replied that although there may have been inconsistencies, they didn’t necessarily favor Trump as Schiff had alleged.

He told Blitzer that the entire Clinton investigation was off-kilter, beginning with former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s meeting with Clinton’s husband while the investigation was in play.

He also remarked on the real difference between the FBI’s handling of Clinton versus Trump.

“[Comey] told us at the end of the investigation that he was not going to pursue charges against Secretary Clinton. That’s a little different than having that conversation on the front end of the investigation,” Gowdy said.

He compared Comey’s “back end” report on Clinton to his “front end” report on the US-Russia investigation allegedly surrounding the Trump administration.

“… in this case, he has told us on the front end. He told us last time we had a public hearing that there was an investigation, either intelligence or quasi-criminal investigation, into matters surrounding Russia’s efforts to interfere with our election.”

“It’s unusual to have that press conference on the front end of an investigation,” he argued.

Everyone agreed that Gowdy nailed it.

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Gowdy was right. Why announce something before its been investigated, except to possibly besmirch someone’s name?


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