SNL’s cold open takes a big swipe at Joe and Mika’s awkward ‘Morning Joe’ on-air love affair

“Saturday Night Live” took a rare swipe at a sister network this week with its cold open, which took on the love affair between MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.

Clip via SNL

After Scarborough popped the question on bended knee, the “SNL” crew couldn’t let that go.

It began with Kate McKinnon’s “Brzezinski” and Alex Moffat’s “Scarborough” engaged in a spirited debate about the effect of the House version of the American Health Care Act, which it approved and sent to the Senate this week.

The debate soon got personal and turned contentious.

“This party — your party — the Republican Party — is completely morally bankrupt,” McKinnon said. Scarborough is a former Florida Republican congressman.

“Oh Mika, that’s enough, O.K.?” Moffat replied, and added that “you know it pushes my buttons.”

She turned the button-pushing remark into a different direction.

“Does it — push your buttons?” she asked suggestively as the two gazed into each other’s eyes.

“It does,” he replied.

Eventually, they call the White House to get President Donald Trump’s take. They get someone who claims to be “White House spokesman John Miller,” who sounds suspiciously like the president himself — or at least Alec Baldwin playing the president.

People either loved it or hated it — possibly depending upon which end of the political spectrum they sat on. Those who liked it were especially fond of the “John Miller” reference. Trump has reportedly called reporters claiming to be Miller.

But then there were these reactions.


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