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Charles Krauthammer explains where healthcare in America is headed, and the road is treacherous

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When House Republicans passed their version of the American Health Care Act by a narrow 217-213 margin on Thursday, they took a giant first step towards eventually repealing and replacing the rapidly collapsing ObamaCare.

It was a complicated process, wrought with compromises on all sides, a process that was tried in March and failed but, to his credit, was resurrected thanks to the persistence of a president who refreshingly insists on keeping his promises to the American people.

The trick, as anyone who has followed this knows, is threading the needle between conservatives who would like to see less government interference in America’s healthcare system and moderates who would like to see more.

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As the bill moves to the Senate and an uncertain future, conservative author and pundit Charles Krauthammer is looking ahead much farther than the next few weeks of budget reconciliation, to where this is all eventually headed…

A single payer system.

Detailing his prognostications on Thursday’s edition of Special Report, Krauthammer insisted that while Obamacare “failed at every level,” what it has accomplished is changing the expectations of ordinary Americans regarding health care.

“I would predict that in less than seven years, we’ll be in a single-payer system,” Krauthammer said. “They [Republicans] have sort of accepted the fact that the electorate sees health care as not just any commodity, like purchasing a steak or a car. It’s something now people have a sense the government ought to guarantee.”

Other than the Liberty Caucus, Republicans have completely caved to the idea of healthcare as a “right,” and with a mentality like that, a single payer system is the only destination where this slippery slope is headed.

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“The terms of debate are entirely on the grounds of the liberal argument that everybody ought to have it. Once that happens, you’re going to end up with a single-payer system.”

Watch the video below:

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