Everything’s political! Warren promptly pummeled for using social justice to tout US military’s greatest strength

Military strategist Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren knows what it takes to keep our nation’s forces operating at peak efficiency and deadly effectiveness as they defend America and her interests across the globe.

No, it’s not top-notch training. Nor apparently is it state-of-the-art equipment, smart leaders, a great strategy, or even committed soldiers willing to give their lives for their fellow countrymen (and women).

Nope, our military’s strength isn’t any of those things. Instead, it’s the thing liberals keep saying is the greatest thing ever, the answer to all our problems, the fount of which if we all drink enough we’ll establish a utopia on earth to rival anything God ever built on the other side of the veil…

“Diversity is our strength!”

If you say it enough times and mean it really, really hard, will that make it come true?

Well, maybe it is so… as Twitchy put it, “Sen. Elizabeth Warren revealed the information Wednesday afternoon, and so far, no foreign power has launched an assault.”

So there’s that.

But somehow, I don’t think China or North Korea gives two whits about our country’s “diversity,” nor about importing it to “upgrade” their own forces.

As expected, Senator Warren found plenty of critics on Twitter:


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Scott Morefield


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