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Left-wing Antifa activist ambushes Trump supporter, then runs like a coward

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On Monday, a Trump supporter was violently ambushed by a violent left-wing Antifa “activist” in Los Angeles, California.

Trump supporters across the country were marching in the city for “Loyalty Day,” which aimed to counter the left-wing “May Day” marches taking place at the same time that supported illegal immigration in the country.

A violent member of the Antifa group ambushed a Trump supporter, engaging him in a scuffle before running away.

As the coward ran others nearby began chanting “USA! USA! USA!”

The videos below are from Tim Pool: (Warning: these video do contain strong language):


Outside of trying to viciously attack Trump supporters, members of the Antifa group were also seen burning American flags. One protester was arrested for the act, the Los Angeles Times reported.

“The person was escorted off by LAPD officers as groups of demonstrators crowded the area,” the Times added.

Here’s video that was posted to Twitter. There is a Soviet flag carried by another protester that can be seen in the video. These left-wing groups continue to display anti-American sentiments.



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