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‘Richard Dreyfuss is spot on!’ Actor comes out ‘old school’ on ‘nightmarish’ PC snowflakes

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Just as it would be a mistake to typecast the versatile Richard Dreyfuss into one type of acting role, it’s also tough to pigeonhole the actor’s politics. While he’s never been a Donald Trump fan, he also famously left the Democratic party years ago, calling himself “pre-partisan,” voted for Obama, and even attended Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Carly Fiorina rallies during the 2016 campaign.

But when it comes to free speech, the man is old school.

In a Friday night interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson during which the two, while respectful to each other, didn’t always agree, Dreyfuss and Carlson did find some common ground on the controversy surrounding liberal college campuses like the University of California at Berkeley essentially banning conservative speakers like Ann Coulter.

“And I am totally incontrovertibly on your side about this,” Dreyfuss told Carlson. “I think that any intrusion into freedom of speech is an intrusion into freedom of speech, and when one of the presidents of the colleges says this is a school not a battlefield I say ‘no, it is a battlefield of ideas and we must have dissident, dissenting opinions on campuses’ and I think it’s political correctness taken to a nightmarish view.”

Carlson quipped that they might agree on the issue because they are both “over 30” with some wisdom and life experience.

Sadly, the college experience these days seems to stunt the maturity of students rather than broaden their horizons.

Dreyfuss got plenty of Twitter support:

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