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Hannity, Ingraham want to lead dream team posse on a liberal college tour; they won’t know what hit them

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In wake of conservative author Ann Coulter being forced to cancel her speech at the University of California, Berkeley, Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity and LifeZette Editor-in-Chief Laura Ingraham have an idea to combat liberal intolerance.

The two conservative firebrands suggested launching their own speaking tour to infiltrate liberal safe spaces across the United States on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity.”

During the segment, Hannity and Ingraham toyed with the idea of launching a tour of the country’s most liberal college campuses, adding that they would include conservative speakers like Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas.

“We’ll – I mean, we’ll do it with Ann, and Ann has a lot of things going on – but one of us, two of us, all three of us will do a tour of the most radical campuses in the United States,” Ingraham suggested. “Those are easy to find. And we’ll just see how much they believe in free speech. We’ll see how much they believe in tolerance and the peace and love and everybody get along movement, right?

Hannity appeared to agree with Ingraham’s idea, adding that he could bring other big names in conservative media.

“How about you, Coulter, me – we got to ask Rush, see if he’ll come. The ‘Great One,’ Mark Levin,” Hannity quipped, with Ingraham entertainingly interjecting: “Oh yes. Oh yes, he’ll do it!”

Later in the segment, Hannity said that President Donald Trump could attend one of the events to give the closing speech in order to “really drive them [liberals] insane,” given that the extreme backlash against free speech is deeply rooted in “hatred towards the president that is so bad and so deep that anybody that likes him, anybody that supports him comes under attack.”

Watch the full exchange below:


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