Emotional NFL draft pick can’t contain his excitement, lets f-bomb slip on national TV: ‘Fine me later!’

Was it a case of “better to ask forgiveness than ask for permission”?

An Atlanta Falcons draft pick was so excited Thursday that he dropped the f-bomb during what was probably his first national TV interview.

UCLA linebacker Takkarist McKinley wanted the world to know that his journey from the mean streets of Oakland to become the NFL’s 26th 2017 draft pick was an arduous one, with his late grandmother offering him encouragement.

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He mounted the stage carrying a huge blowup photo of his grandmother to give a memorable, emotionb-filled post selection interview with NFL Network’s Deion Sanders.

“this is who I do it for!” he kept repeating, while displaying the photo.

He told the viewers that his ascension to the NFL was the fulfillment of a promise he’d made years earlier.

“She means everything, man,” McKinley said. “I made a promise to her, that I was going to go D-1 [round 1 of the NFL draft]. I would get out of Richmond. I would get out of Oakland. I was going to live my dream and play in the NFL. And I am here, man. I completed the promise and that means every f—ing thing to me. Excuse my language! Man, fine me later, man! Fine me later!”

Oops! And what of that fine?

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It soon became the bomb heard ‘round the ‘net.

But it’ll all work out OK for him.

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There must be something in the air this month other than April showers. New York Democratic Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand dropped the f-bomb early this month, and later a prim-looking lady did the same during as Fox News interview.


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