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‘Morning after’ pills dispensed in university vending machine; trend predicted to go national

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Students at a publicly-funded state university in California now have access to the “morning after pill,” also known as “Plan B.”

No prescriptions, doctor’s exam or embarrassing questions are required — just pop the proper amount of money into a vending machine and go about your business.

Clip via CBS News Sacramento

The machine, which also dispenses condoms, pain relievers and feminine hygiene products, was installed earlier this month at the Davis campus of the University of California.

In what must have been someone’s idea of a joke, it’s located at the school’s activities and recreation center.

The out-of-the-box idea is known by students as the Wellness To Go machine, CBS Sacramento affiliate Channel 13 News reported.

The old saying that it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission has now been taken to new heights — no need to even ask for forgiveness.

“I think it’s easier to take a Plan B than have to tell your parents you’re pregnant,” a UC Davis student told News 13.

“It’s useful so you don’t have to go the pharmacy,” her friend agreed.

The machine was was the result of two years of work by an economics major.

“There was an incident where my friends went to the one pharmacy in town on a Friday night and they were all out of emergency contraception,” Parteek Singh told the station.

Since word of the vending machine got out, Singh isn’t just a BMOC at Davis, but he’s become popular at other campuses as well. He’s received calls from students across the country seeking advice on getting their own Wellness to Go machine.

“I want to see this on every college campus,” he said.

But meanwhile don’t dare tell a university student anything he doesn’t want to hear — you could get beaten or your car torched.

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