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Rachel Maddow tries to blame Venezuela’s problems on Trump, but Tucker’s having none of it

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The news that Citgo Petroleum, an American subsidiary of Venezuela’s state oil company, Petróleos de Venezuela, gave $500,000 to President Trump’s inaugural has leftist conspiracy theorists in a tizzy.

So naturally, MSNBC’s tinfoil hat-wearing Rachel Maddow had to weigh in:

“Venezuela is in dire straits,” Maddow lamented. “It does not have the money to spare, and yet they inexplicably dumped a half a million on Trump.”

And supposedly, because of this donation, a “Venezuela connected guy” gets a meeting with the National Security Council about taking away the sanctions on the country.

Yeah, good luck with that one, “Venezuela connected guy.”

Tucker Carlson was having none of it. In his last show before he takes over Bill O’Reilly’s timeslot, Carlson hammered Maddow as only he can.

“Who did MSNBC blame for the turmoil there?” Carlson asked. “If you guessed Donald Trump, give yourself a million worthless Venezuelan bolivars as a prize. According to MSNBC, the real reason Venezuelans are upset is that Citgo Petroleum donated money to Trump’s inaugural fund. That’s a crime, according to them, apparently a sin worse than completely destroying their own country.”

No, you really can’t! Venezuela’s problems have nothing to do with socialism at all… just Donald Trump!

Yep, this about sums it up!

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