Conspiracy theories abound over Chaffetz’s ‘sudden’ departure; Dem leaders quick to jump on bandwagon

Speculation over Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz’s decision to not seek re-election sent some Democratic leaders jumping onto the conspiracy theory bandwagon.

The Democratic National Committee’s deputy communications director, Adrienne Watson, said the GOP senator’s announcement “raises questions” about his involvement with Russia.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Watson cited conspiracy theorist Louise Mensch’s tweet that said there was compromising information on Chaffetz and the FBI is aware of it.

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“Sources say there is kompromat on @jasoninthehouse; that this is why he turned and that @fbi know it. #traitorinthehouse,” read Mensch’s tweet from last week. The Russian term Kompromat refers to compromising material which is used to coerce someone to work for Russia.

Mensch is no stranger on Twitter where she is well-known for spreading Russian conspiracy theories. Her past claims have included the theory that conservative journalist Andrew Breitbart was killed by Russian President Vladimir Putin and that Anthony Weiner was not actually sexting a 15-year old girl, but Russian hackers.

Chaffetz, the powerful chairman of the House Oversight Committee, surprised many with his unexpected announcement Wednesday. He cited wanting to spend more time with his family and that he has “long advocated public service should be for a limited time and not a lifetime or full career,” according to The Daily Caller.

But his statements only fueled the fire for those like Watson, who was retweeted by Democrat staffer Joel Kasnetz.

And for conspiracy theorists like Mensch, Twitter has provided a now trending hashtag, #MenschAMovie, to roast the former UK Conservative Member of Parliament.

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