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Donald Trump Jr gets real ‘as an American’: My dad has done more in 2 months than last 2 presidents total

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Donald Trump Jr. thinks Congress is going to have to get used to the pace of work set by his father who has done more in his first two months in office than the last two presidents.

“He’s going to keep doing things that make sense for America,” Trump Jr. told host Sean Hannity on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” Tuesday.

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“It’s been awesome to watch,” he added. “As an American I’ve seen more done in two months than I have in the prior two administrations.”

President Trump’s ability to tackle things quickly has been challenged by the slower rate of action by Congress, Trump Jr. explained, discussing his father’s attempts to replace ObamaCare.

While he could have let the healthcare system collapse by doing nothing, Trump would never allow that to happen to the American people, he said.

“He made a promise. He’s going to fix this for the hard-working men and women,”  the 39-year-old father of five said. ” We can’t bankrupt the middle class of this country to give them insurance in name only.”

Trump Jr. admitted that the media coverage of his father makes him angry and “frustrates” him.

“It’s hard to believe for me, as an American, that so many people would rally against what makes sense for America,” he said.

Trump Jr. set the off the internet last weekend after posting a photo of himself wearing a T-shirt declaring “Very Fake News.”

“I think I’m going to have to buy a few thousand of these to pass around to our buddies in the Main Stream Media,” he had captioned the post on his Instagram account.

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