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See the REAL Sean Spicer dressed as the Easter bunny for George Bush administration, skip the SNL version

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During the George W. Bush administration, when current White House press secretary Sean Spicer was a lowly staffer for the U.S. Trade Representative, he made a lot of kids happy by dressing up as the Easter Bunny.


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Oliver Knox, chief Washington correspondent for Yahoo News who posted the Spicer/Easter Bunny photo, added this postscript:

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“Saturday Night Live” took this long-ago event over the top and combined it with his recent Hitler gaffe to come up with its usual brand of what it refers to as comedy.

Clip via SNL

Actress-comedian Melissa McCarthy reprised her Spicer role Saturday by having the White House chief spokesman reprise his Easter Bunny role, to tell the press corps “Spicy finally made a mistake.”

While apologizing for his gaffe, “Spicer” acknowledged that East European Jews weren’t kept in Holocaust centers, but were rather sent by trains to “concentration clubs.”

“At least they didn’t have to fly United,” he said.

“I am particularly sorry this happened the same week as Passover, or AKA, Jewish Easter,” he continued with the verbal slip-ups.

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I’m sure Knox was correct that Spicer made a lot of kids happy a decade ago, just as McCarthy’s portrayal of Spicer made a lot of liberal viewers happy over the weekend.


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