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New grounds for divorce — my spouse is possessed by Satan

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It’s not just infidelity anymore.

To loss of affection, domestic violence and incompatibility we can now add new grounds for divorce — my spouse is possessed by Satan.

Levitation scene from “The Exorcist” / Source: screenshot

The Local, an English-language Italian publication, reported that a man living in Milan was granted a divorce because his wife, who was a devout Catholic, was controlled by demons.

The court heard testimony from the husband — confirmed by his wife’s sister, a parish priest and a Capuchin monk — that since 2007 she had exhibited “inexplicable behavior” that even included levitation.

The Milanese court heard testimony that on one occasion the woman exhibited superhuman strength by picking up a church pew and hurling it toward the alter — with one hand.

The Local reported:

The Milan court tribunal acknowledged that the woman was “clearly agitated” but said she “did not act knowingly”, according to Il Corriere della Sera daily.

The judge ruled that the incidents couldn’t be attributed to an illness, since the woman was judged healthy following by doctors and psychiatrists. Several exorcist had also attempted to cure her over the years, but to no avail.

The couple, who have two children, were eventually granted a no-fault divorce.


Until 1970, Italy didn’t recognize divorce, which gave rise to the 1961 comedy, “Divorce, Italian Style,” in which a Sicilian man decides to do away with his wife in a crime of passion so that he will be free to marry his cousin.

After 1970 divorce became possible though difficult to obtain. Last year the Italian divorce laws were relaxed, which prompted a 57 percent rise in the divorce rate.

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