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My kid’s basket’s better than yours… a new, troubling trend with Easter baskets

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With Easter upon us, millions of kids are looking forward to waking Sunday morning to baskets full of goodies, to include chocolate bunnies and jelly beans.

But in today’s age where parents strive to out-think tradition, more children may find more extravagant gifts like clothing and electronics in their Easter basket, according to Fox News.

Smart Shopping Expert Trae Bodge told the network the trend started several years ago with parents leaning away from candy due to health concerns.

…a trend that benefits retailers eager to see Easter start rivaling Christmas.

Lyss Stern, of DivaMoms.com, said retailer would love to see parents become more competitive with how extravagant baskets are.

But not everyone is on board here.

“Easter’s about Christ, it’s not about the things you get,” one parent told Fox News.

What are your thoughts? Is this more about helicopter parents overly worried about health or just another way to stay one step ahead of the Joneses?

As for including traditional Easter eggs in baskets, the American Egg Board offers these safety tips:

1) Be sure to wash your hands throughout all stages of dying your eggs in order to avoid bacterial contamination of Salmonella

2) Only use uncracked eggs

3) Use food-safe dye if you plan to eat your hard-boiled eggs

4) Don’t eat eggs that have been sitting out in an Easter egg hunt for more than a few hours.

Tom Tillison


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