Twitter’s impatient meter soars to 11 when Warren demands Trump explain ‘strategy’ behind MOAB drop

And liberals want her to run for President?

Elizabeth Warren, a.k.a Pocahontas, wants to know more about why President Trump authorized the use of the ‘Mother Of All Bombs’ against an ISIS tunnel complex in Afghanistan.

While talking to reporters on Thursday at a Salem town hall, the Massachusetts senator said, “We’re all trying to understand. What is the strategy?”

Seriously, Liz? Now I’m no military expert, but from my armchair the “strategy” seems obvious… so much so that even a lib should be able to understand it.

Gunnery Sergeant Jessie Jane Duff, U.S. Marine Corps (Ret) summed it up best for the “really slow” Senator:


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Calling on Trump to “come in and explain himself” to Congress before undertaking overseas military action, Warren questioned whether civilians in the area were impacted by the bomb, which virtually destroys anything within a mile radius. Officials say there were no civilian casualties, but 36 ISIS fighters were killed by the bomb along with their rat-hole enclave.

Joining Warren in criticizing the bomb’s use “at this moment” was Massachusetts Rep Seth Moulton, himself a former Marine who served several tours in Iraq.

“One bomb does not make any difference at all. Frankly, dropping bombs is easy,” said Moulton.

Warren and Moulton aren’t winning the Twitter war on this one…

And finally:

Wounded Warrior praises MOAB mission, then drops a bomb of his own on Obama admin

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