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Russia makes sharing any images of Putin looking ‘gay’ illegal, naturally Twitter has a field day

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Not sure the Kremlin really thought this one through…

The one sure way to generate more of an undesired behavior is to ban it and Russia has done just that with Vladimir Putin gay clown memes.

The action came in response to a image depicting Russian President Vladimir Putin as a potentially gay clown, The Washington Post reported.

The Russian government has deemed the image mocking Putin’s sexual orientation as “extremism.”

Unfortunately, Putin is not an American, where men his age can identify as pretty much anything they want, to include a 6-year-old girl.

Either way, the reaction on social media suggests the Kremlin should have left well enough alone. Meanwhile, drag queens are now offended that Putin is being referred to as gay in the image.

Here’s a sampling of the inevitable from Twitter:

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