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First Pepsi, then United Airlines, and now Cosmo … some genius thought THIS was okay

Cosmopolitan Simone Harbinson cancer
Simone Harbinson’s cancer surgery scar on her stomach is visible in this Instagram selfie.

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Cosmopolitan magazine has a surefire weight loss secret that’ll help you get skinny just in time for bikini season (without exercise)!

All you have to do get cancer, endure 3 excruciating surgeries, and almost die! That’s what Cosmo’s click-bait headline read before the magazine got slammed for pushing cancer as a “weight loss tool.”

The fashion magazine, which regularly publishes anti-Trump propaganda, promoted an article Tuesday entitled “How This Woman Lost 44 Pounds Without Any Exercise.”

The headline — which was intentionally misleading to get page views — chronicled the health journey of Simone Harbinson, a 31-year-old woman who was diagnosed with cancer of the appendix in 2014.

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Shortly after undergoing three surgeries, the former fitness fanatic gained 35 pounds. A combination of medication and a poor diet induced by “post-traumatic stress disorder triggered by her cancer diagnosis” caused Harbinson to tip the scales at 189 pounds. Simone was also physically unable to exercise post-surgery.

Harbinson eventually lost 44 pounds without exercise by following a 12-week diet plan that balanced protein, fat, and carbs to boost fat loss.

Cosmopolitan promoted Simone’s story as a weight loss how-to article without considering how insensitive and inane it came across. So when Cosmo tweeted out the article, it was universally panned.

After being bludgeoned on social media, Cosmopolitan changed the headline to: “A Serious Health Scare Helped Me Love My Body More Than Ever.” It also deleted the second-to-last line in the article gushing: “Simone’s weight loss success is proof that ANYONE can lose weight without breaking a sweat simply by eating more mindfully — no gym required.”

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But the damage was done, and Twitter hilarity ensued. Some Twitter users said United Airlines must be thrilled because Cosmo’s gaffe took the heat off their epic PR fail when a 69-year-old passenger was dragged off a plane this week.







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